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CE Credits

MPI provides generic Continuing Education credits (CE) for learning activities as an additional membership benefit. MPI offers CE credits on the International level. Chapters are empowered to implement their own CE programs for chapter programming; however this is not mandatory.

Definition of the CE

The Continuing Education credit (CE) is a nationally recognized unit of measure that is used to quantify non-credit continuing education and training activities. It is designed for use where employers, re-licensure agencies (including CMP) and other authorities require a specified number of non-credit study hours for career advancement.
CMP PP Program Logo
MPI Washington State Chapter is proud to be a CMP Preferred Provider.  Becoming a CMP Preferred Provider is a reflection of our organization's commitment to providing education that helps individuals earn or maintain the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification.


Applying for the CMP or CMM exam

CEs convert into validated hours that serve as points toward your CMP and CMM. This information is requested when filling out the CMP and CMM applications.

How to Calculate CEs

One Continuing Education credit is awarded for each 10 hours of instruction. When calculating the number of CEs for a course, divide the number of hours by 10. For example, a 3 hour program converts to .3 CEs. To qualify as a source of CEs, a course cannot be less than 1 hour in length.
*Note: When a course is at least 50 minutes, it may be counted as a whole hour. Any course between 30 and 49 minutes must be counted as 30 minutes. Any course less than 30 minutes cannot be counted. Social events, the food and beverage portions of the monthly programs, fundraising events and any other activities such as these cannot be credited as CE time.

Preferred Provider Auto Tracking

Any program that has this pre approved check mark, will automatically be submitted to the CIC.  Please note: Your email must be the same for both MPI and CIC so that your CE’s will track automatically. You will receive an email that asks for your confirmation of participation and your CE credit after the attendee list is sent to CIC.

Maintaining Permanent Records

Your CE's are tracked online at MPI International's website. Credits are tracked on an honor-system basis. MPI will request a list of attendees from our Chapter Administrator for monthly meetings or Cascadia conference, if needed.

CMP Certification

MPI Washington State Chapter wants to help you in achieving your Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation. The chapter provides education for the clock hours you need in order to apply, scholarships to help you pay for the application, books and testing fees, as well as offers study group sessions to prepare.
For more information about the CMP designation, exam dates, application deadlines and fees, please visit the Events Industry Council (EIC) website.  Contact the CMP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions. 

CMP Study Program

The CMP study group opportunities are open to anyone planning to take the exam. Our Chapter now offers two types of study options:
Test Prep Sessions
A two-week test prep session—two consecutive Mondays prior to a testing period. In these test prep sessions an instructor will help participants go over practice exams and test strategies.
Registration fees for two-week study group are $75 for members and $125 for non-members.
CMP Study Group
The study group is a ten-week program, which typically meets weekly on Monday nights for two hours. The study group covers all domains and topics contained in the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) in a proven format that combines reading texts, writing and presenting material, and discussion on the material outlined in the syllabus.  In addition, you will take practice exams with answers based on actual test questions from the exam. This series of regular infusions of knowledge will better prepare you throughout the months leading up to the exam and help you stay on track with your studying.
Registration fees for ten-week study group are $125 for members and $175 for non-members.
The above registration fee entitles you to full participation in all 10 classes, all practice quizzes and class materials, and access to a network of CMPs who donate their time serving as speakers to help you prepare for the CMP exam.  
Location & Timing
Sessions take place in the greater Seattle area and location depends on registered participants.  Sessions are on Monday nights from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  Dinner is not included, so feel free to bring food to the class location if you are unable to grab a bite beforehand.
There are 2 opportunities this year to take the Test Preparation sessions:
  • Session 3: July 24, 2017 & July 31, 2017              Register Now
  • Session 4: October 23, 2017 & October 31, 2017   Register Now
There will be 1 opportunity this year to take the full 10-week CMP Study Group session:
  • Session 1: August 28, 2017 - October 30, 2017     Register Now
Each individual must register separately. No guest registration available.
Registration for sessions will remain open for the duration of the series of classes, however registration will not be prorated based on attendance or actual registration date.  Classes may not be purchased individually. 

CMP Scholarship

The CMP Scholarship provides one chapter member $500 to go towards an opportunity to further their career by becoming a CMP. Applications for the CMP Scholarship will be evaluated and awarded based on a specific point system. Please check back again to see when the next CMP scholarship will be available.

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