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MPI members are dedicated professionals specializing in planning, managing and supplying services to the meetings industry. MPI members are recognized as the most professional, ethical and experienced in their field. They are committed to enhancing their professional growth and advancing the industry.

Did you know that 47% of MPIWSC members are planners? With an annual buying power of $320 million, the average MPIWSC planner spends $1.5 million yearly! Don't miss this opportunity to partner and showcase your facility, service or company to one of the finest meeting professional organizations in the industry. By participating in partnership opportunities, you can take advantage of your access to target audience and maximize your organization's visibility within the industry.

MPIWSC offers a variety of ways to promote your organization or to show support for the chapter. By participating in a partnership with MPIWSC you can gain exposure to a target audience of industry professionals and strenghen your presence in the marketplace.

The levels of Partnerships are cumulative for one year. MPIWSC will accept contributions in the form of cash or in-kind (sponsorship of goods and/or services) donations. In-kind donations are calculated at 50% of cash value to be mutually agreeable between MPIWSC and the donor.

Check out the Sponsorship Program to find the best opportunity for your company now! Questions about the program or want to become a sponsor, please contact our Sponsorship Team.


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