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Elections take place in January each year.

Enhance Your Career & Professional Skills Through MPIWSC Board Experience!
This is your opportunity to make a significant impact on the leadership and direction of the Chapter while building and enhancing your own professional skills and career.  Find this by becoming a member of the MPIWSC Board of Directors.

MPIWSC assures that:
  • Your skills, talent and leadership are needed.
  • MPI will improve & benefit from your contributions.
  • You can positively effect change in the chapter.
  • You will feel great about the contributions you are making.
  • You will enjoy collaborating with fellow members who have similar interests and values.
  • This is your chance to give back to the chapter & community.
  • You will be recognized for your efforts.
  • You will have fun!
Board Expectations
Board Job Descriptions
2014-2015 Board of Directors (BOD) Positions & Availability
2014-2015 BOD Application Form (self nominations)
2014-2015 BOD Nomination Form (nominating others)

For further information or questions regarding Board Elections, please contact governance@mpiwsc.org 

"Being on the Board of Directors has given me an opportunity to enhance skills that are not part of my normal job function so it has been a great growth opportunity that will benefit not only myself, by my employers."
Tracy Thornton
President-Elect, 2013-2014

Being a part of the MPIWSC board has helped me improve my professional skills and knowledge, my leadership skills and also helped me create stronger relationships with industry professionals who have brought business to my company, as well as, referrals leading to business. 
I have gained hands on experience on how to navigate, enhance and improve a website, create new revenue streams, manage a team of volunteers, plan strategically, lead and mentor an entire board of directors, cross-collaborate with other industry professionals, and so much more.
I can attribute aspects of my career growth to experience I have gained through the positions held on the MPIWSC board. Being a member of the board has presented the opportunity to participate in leadership training and educational opportunities such as MPI’s World Educational Conference, MPI’s Chapter Business Summit, and MPIWSC’s Cascadia Educational Conference. My involvement on the board has greatly enhanced my relationships with fellow industry professionals, clients and potential business partners"
Becky Williams, CMP
President, 2011-2012

"Being a member of the MPIWSC Board of Directors has been an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience.  It allowed me to enhance my management and leadership skills, build my network and industry relationships while allowing me to make a positive impact and significant difference on the overall direction of the chapter and the benefits offered to the membership.  I’m a more efficient and effective leader, strategic thinker, communicator, planner, and multi-tasker due to my experience serving on the MPIWSC Board of Directors."
Michael J Noesen, CMP
President, 2010-2011

"I have found that being on the board has opened up opportunities for me to grow personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to have additional leadership positions that have provided me the chance to grow my network and contribute to the success of the chapter."
Heather Halsey
Director of Promotions & Community Outreach, 2012-2014

"It is true what they say about getting out what you put in to something, and involvement on the MPI Board is no exception.  My position of VP Finance was a wonderful way for me to sharpen my budgeting skill set for my position as Director of Sales & Marketing as well as work with some of the most stellar members of the organization.  I highly recommend getting “in the ring” of MPI leadership – it truly is a means to personal and professional success!"
Debbie Gruba, CMP
Hotel Monaco, Alexis Hotel & Hotel Vintage Park - Kimpton Hotels 

"I was on the board very early in my membership as well as in my career.  It was a great learning experience at this time in that I became familiar with how “boards” in general operate, how to work as a cohesive team in a setting other than work, connected with people who had been in the industry who I could and did learn from.  It also allowed me to help shape the chapter I was a part of and get the most out of my membership."
Jenny Rivera, CMP
SH Worldwide

"My first year at MPIWSC, the President, Devon Sloan came up to me and said “I want you to just focus on PR.  Get the word out about MPI!  I want to see our name in ‘every’ publication”.  She gave me an MPI PR Handbook and I was on a committee!  I realized the value of volunteering not only to assist an organization, but the value of relationships and friendships forged through committees, and skill sets and experiences gained through committee tasks"
Audrey Fan
Independant Producer & Event Logistics
President 2000 - 2001

During my six-plus years on the board, I gained so many new skills.  I learned how to run a committee; how to produce a first-class, multi-day educational conference; how to build unity and bring members of different and sometimes opposing associations together; how to create a yearly budget and then stick to it; how to read, understand, sign and then manage contract details;  how to interview and hire a management company; how to run board nominations and conduct elections; how to write and win a grant; how to be a better public speaker; how to update guidelines and procedures; and how a nonprofit association really works. I received leadership training through leadership conferences and I had the privilege of planning numerous board retreats and chapter gatherings.  Over the course of my volunteering, I received a Chapter scholarship to attend the WEC and an international scholarship to attend the training for my CMM.  These skills have really helped me in running my own business.  
I am so grateful to the Chapter for allowing me to share and showcase my passion and love of the industry.  Serving in the Chapter gave me new access to referrals that turned into real business and new streams of revenue.  It also gave me a chance to be an knowledgeable industry leader and this “inside look” allows me to give more personal and useful referrals for others’ businesses.
As president during the worst economy in seventy years  I learned how to hold tight to hope, a sense of humor, and the commitment to the purpose of making our industry a better place.  It was a wonderful experience to be able to work alongside some of the best movers and shakers in the industry and learn from all of their different perspectives. Perhaps the most valuable thing I have taken away are the deep relationships and friendships that are formed by being a servant leader and working for a higher cause.  These are gifts that will last a lifetime. There’s an old saying that, “You get what you give,” and I have been rewarded in so many ways.
PJ Hummel, CMM
PJ Hummel & Company
President, 2009-2010

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