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MPIWSC CMP Scholarship for 2014-2015
MPIWSC strives to provide is members with the best educational opportunities. The CMP Scholarship is one way MPIWSC is meeting this objective.

Through the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Program, individuals who are currently employed in meeting management have the opportunity to pursue continuing education, increasing industry involvement and industry-wide recognition by achieving the CMP designation. The requirements for certification are based on professional experience and academic examination.

The CMP Scholarship provides one member recipient $500 to go towards an opportunity to further their career by becoming a Certified Meeting Professional. 

Applications for the CMP Scholarship will be evaluated and awarded by the MPIWSC Board of Directors based on a specific point system. The scholarship application is due January 10, 2015.

CMP Study Group
MPIWSC offers a study group for CMP candidates. Registration fees for the ten week program are $49 for members and $99 for non-members.  View a sample CMP Study Group schedule.

For more information on joining the study group, contact the CMP Committee.

Steps on How to Become a CMP
  1. Visit the Convention Industry Council (CIC) website to view the upcoming application, registration deadlines, fees and examination dates.
  2. Download the CMP Candidate Handbook.
  3. Complete the CMP Application and return it to the CIC office by the application deadline and include the $225 submission fee. The $225 fee is a non-refundable fee.
  4. Following notification of successful application, CMP candidates may register for the CMP examination by returning a completed registration form and $450 fee to the CIC offices before the examination registration deadline.
  5. Successfully complete the CMP examination.
The CMP Process
  1. Applicants should complete the official application.
  2. The completed application form and application submission fee of $225 should be submitted to the CIC by the dates noted on the Application Deadlines & Exams Dates Schedule.
  3. Following each application deadline, all applications are submitted to the CMP Board for review and verification of points indicated. A minimum of 90 points is required to be approved for the examination.
  4. Applicants will be notified by e-mail by the CMP Board of their eligibility to take the exam approximately 1 month prior to the next scheduled exam registration deadline.
  5. Application results appeals must be submitted in writing by the applicant within 14 days of notification of application results. Appeal should be directed to the CMP Board at the CIC address.
  6. To confirm seating for the exam, applicants must submit to the CIC the exam fee of $450. Candidates will indicate their choice of a test site by the exam registration deadline.
  7. Approximately 3 weeks before the exam dates applicants will be sent a written confirmation of the final exam arrangements including site, room location and time of the exam.
  8. Within 60 days after the exam, candidates will be notified of their exam results by the CMP Testing Agency, the Chauncey Group International. The notice includes a test report indicating areas of strength and weakness.
  9. Test results appeals must be submitted in writing by the candidate within 30 days of notification of exam results. Appeals should be directed to the CMP Board at the CIC address.
  10. Following notice of successful completion of the exam, the CMP Certificate will be awarded to the new Certified Meeting Professional.
Exam Cancellation Policy
Candidates may cancel seating for an exam by providing advanced notice in writing to the CIC. Candidates may cancel their registration with a $100 cancellation fee if written notice is received by CIC at least 30 days prior to the day of the exam. The remainder of your examination fee will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the exam and no-shows on the day of the exam will forfeit their entire $450 examination fee.

Re-Takes of Exams
Candidates may retake the exam. The Examination Registration Fee of $450 is due by the scheduled exam registration deadline for each time an exam is administered.

Certification Period
The certification period is five years.

Recertification of a CMP's is based on evidence of continued accountability in the field of meeting management and continued development as a meeting professional. Recertification notifications are mailed during the first quarter of the year in which the current certification expires. Requirements are consistent with those for the original application excluding an examination.

Upcoming Application, Registration Deadlines and Examination Dates

For any additional questions, please contact the CMP Committee.

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