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MPIWSC's Board of Directors is passionate about supporting the MPI Foundation through raising funds.  Throughout the year you will see requests for donations and events that raise money strictly for the Foundation.

Your Investment at Work
The funds raised for the MPI Foundation are immediately re-invested back into the meeting and event industry in the form of research, chapter grants, scholarships and various educational programs. The Foundation has invested more than $265,000 to the 58 chapters in one year alone.

Contributor investments go toward funding practical initiatives such as the creation of the CSR tools and chapter content databases as well as larger industry efforts.

Chapter Business Summit Support: MPI Foundation firmly believes in the importance of supporting our chapters in every way possible. For the past five years, the Foundation has supported the Chapter Business Summit, which helps chapters plan their successful education, financial and management performance with an annual grant of $20,000.

Career Connections Scholarships: Contributor funds foster the professional development of industry members. MPI Foundation's successful scholarship program sends MPI members in the unemployment assistance program to the career fair at the World Education Congress. Individual and chapter scholarships, along with enhanced career networking events connect members with opportunities. 

Knowledge-Driven Research Programs: MPI Foundation plays a crucial role in equipping and empowering members through knowledge-driven and educational research. By supporting professional development in the planning community, Contributors play an integral role in the strength of the industry as a whole.

Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program: As an added incentive, the Individual Giving Matching Program, sponsored by Las Vegas Sands, matches every cash donation invested with the MPI Foundation dollar to dollar, up to $50,000 per year. This generous three-year matching program allows investors to boost the impact of their contribution.

MPIWSC Fundraising Efforts

MPIWSC asks for the support of the MPI Foundation from our membership through the following means:

Raffles: 1/3 of the raffle proceeds from the chapter's Monthly Educational Porgrams are donated to the Foundation

Annual Foundation Fundraiser: A spring time chapter networking event in which all profits are donated to the MPI Foundation

Cash Donations: The chapter donates cash to the MPI Foundation based on the annual budget


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