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MPIWSC and our Membership Committee have made a commitment to elevate members to the next level - empowering them to increase their strategic value with education, professional development and business growth opportunities. MPIWSC promotes this mission through strong and committed membership engaged in volunteerism within the chapter and within the community, striving to better themselves by increasing their knowledge and skill sets as well as by expanding their reach with partners, suppliers and customers.

In order to elevate our members to the next level, first, we have to determine what our members needed and wanted - always a moving target!

MPIWSC Leadership's focus is concentrating on 3 key areas:
  1. Membership- getting to the heart of what our members really want
  2. Education - taking a strategic approach
  3. Volunteer Development - developing a new operating system to attract and engage more members to become future leaders.
In keeping with those goals, the MPIWSC Membership Committee is pleased to announce that our new Ambassador Mentor Program is now available to all members.

The Ambassador Mentor Program has been created for our members to learn more about our chapter or provide comfortable setting for those who feel shy about networking; allow you to make a connection with your peers to boost your knowledge or technology or emerging media; facilitate an opportunity for you to look for a new way to market your business or inquire about a new niche in the industry.

Ambassadors Needed
Ever thought about getting more involved in our Chapter? Now is the time! Our strong and vibrant MPI Chapter relies upon continued service from volunteers like you to allow us to deliver high-level results to our members. Making the decision to mentor or mentoree is a commitment that is worthwhile and rewarding. As a participant in this program, the added benefit is that you grow professionally and you are able to apply your learned experience in your personal lives.

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Mentees Needed
If you are a new member or have been around awhile, but haven't been involved or feel that you want to meet our members more easily and get involved, then the Ambassador Mentor Program is for you! As a "mentee" (for lack of a better term), one of our Mentors wil contact you and the two of you take it from there. To become a part of the Ambassador Mentor Program contact the Membership Committee.


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