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What are MPI International's business hours and where are they located?
8:00 am - 5:00 pm central time

MPI International Headquarters
3030 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Suite 1700
Dallas, TX  75234-2759
Phone:  972-702-3000  Fax:  972-702-3070

Who is our MPIWSC Chapter Manager?
OrgSupport, LLC
120 State Avenue NE #303
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone:  360-867-8813
Email: info@mpiwsc.org

Who are my membership contacts for MPIWSC?
MPIWSC has a membership team that consists of a Vice President and 3 Directors.
The VP of Membership can answer questions about your current membership or how to become a member.
The Director of Member Care specializes in making new members feel comfortable within our chapter.
The Director of Member Recruitment specializes in helping people join our chapter.
The Director of Member Involvement & Recognition specializes in both our local committee members, volunteers and honoring our members with scholarships and awards.

Are membership fees the same every year?
Prices are subject to change at the end of each fiscal year.

How much are the annual renewal dues?
Planner Member = $375/1st year (Renewal $345)
Supplier Member = $500/1st year (Renewal $465)
Student = $40/1st year (Renewal $40)
Faculty = $195/1st year (Renewal $195)
For more information on rates, please visit the MPI Int'l website.

Can I pay membership dues in installments?
MPI accepts installment payments for renewal dues only. Please contact MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.

I mailed in my payment. Have you received it yet?
When did you mail in the payment?  It takes 2-4 weeks for MPI headquarters to receive the payments sent to their PO Box. If the payment was sent in more than 4 weeks ago, please call MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.  Please have ready:  the check number, date, amount and name on check (e.g. was it from your company?).  Once all of this information is given, MPI Member Care can determine the problem.

Can I have a Chapter affiliation with more than one Chapter?
Yes, this is handled at the Chapter level.  Contact the Chapter directly for more information.

Can you help me log into www.mpiweb.org?
In order to log into the MPI Int'l website, you must know your username and password (they are generally your last name (username) and your MPI member number (password)). If you do not remember your username, call MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053. If you forgot your password, click here to reset it.

How do I get the New Member's CD sent again?
If you didn't receive your New Member's CD or need a new copy, please contact MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.

What is my member number?
If you don't remember your member number, please contact MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.

What is my password?
If you have forgotten your password for your login on MPI Int'l, you will need to reset your password or call MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.  Passwords need to be at least 6 characters long. 
If you have forgotten your password for your login on MPIWSC click on the login button and then enter your email. Then, click the bottom of the page where it says "Click Here" and your password will be emailed to you.

When does my membership expire?
One year from the date it was activated.

Who does the membership belong to?
The membership belongs to the member - NOT the company or persons paying for the membership.

How do I "transfer" my membership to another Chapter?  (Make a Chapter change)
To change your Chapter membership, please email or call MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053 and request a membership profile update form. Once you have filled it out, you can submit the form via email or by fax to 972-702-3065.

How do I change my last name and other information on my member profile?
For MPI Int'l, click on profile once you've logged on, located in the upper right hand corner of the website.
For MPIWSC, go under Membership, then Members Only, then Membership Directore and you'll see "Need to Update your Profile" to the right.

I am leaving the industry, but want to keep my membership. Can I do that?
Yes, the membership belongs to you (the individual) not the company.  You will be classified as a Planner or Supplier.

My company is not going to be happy about the membership not belonging to them.  What if they want somebody else to become a member?  How does that work?
Your company can obtain a free 6-month trial membership.  They can do this by contacting MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053.

John/Jane Doe is a member of MPI but is no longer with our company; how do I update the member information to put my name and contact information in his/her place?
The MPI membership belongs to the individual - therefore we cannot place your contact information in another's place.  Here are a couple of options:

  1. This person can transfer his/her membership to you by signing a "transfer release form" available at MPI Int'l under Membership and Membership Forms.  Once that is complete, you will need to complete the membership application yourself. When the documents have been completed fax them into MPI Member Care at 972-702-3065.  It will cost $100 to transfer the membership.  If the membership is up for renewal, then it makes sense for you to join as a new member.
  2. "Employer Complimentary Limited Membership" which is free to your employer for 6 months only and comes with the following benefits:  MPI's exclusive e-mail newsletters and the The One+ magazine; local Chapter affiliation and access to the members-only section of the website.  When the member renews at the end of the 6-month period, he/she will receive the full benefits of a member.
Can I purchase a list of members?
From MPIWSC:  Yes, you can purchase mailing labels (addresses only).  We don't sell e-mails or phone numbers.  Contact our Chapter Managers at 360-867-8813.

How do I use the website to post a job opening?
For MPI Int'l:  Please contact MPI Member Care at 972-702-3053 for assistance with the Job Bank.
For MPIWSC:  Go to the Career section of the website, then "Post a Job" and complete the online form.

What are the future MPI Conference dates?
Please refer to the MPI Int'l website for International hosted conferences and to the Cascadia Educational Conference (CEC) website for the local MPIWSC/MPIOC conference.


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