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4 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your MPI Membership

1. Get Involved with MPIWSC
There are many committee and volunteer opportunities that you can take advantage of to really connect and get to know members in our Chapter.

What if I don’t have time to volunteer?
Volunteering your time does not have to be a huge commitment. The MPIWSC has committee opportunities that are as little a one time a year to an hour a month to an hour a week.

Are there opportunities for suppliers and planners?
All volunteer opportunities are open to both suppliers and planners. There are opportunities more geared towards one or the other, however we don't limit the opportunities to suppliers or planners only. You can volunteer for something you already have skills in or take on a challenge and volunteer on a committee to learn a new skill or too. It's up to you to pick the volunteer position best for you!

What type of committees are there?
We have committees that help us with everything from planning monthly programs to PR to producing the newsletter, website administration, member recruitment, Fundraising and everything in between. Think of our Chapter as a business, we have a VP of Finance, VP of Membership, VP of Education and VP of Communication. Each VP has Directors that oversee various committees to make our chapter the Premier MPI Chapter.

Contact the Membership Committee to get involved.

2. Attend MPIWSC Monthly Events
MPIWSC holds a variety of events on a monthly basis. We hold 8 monthly educational programs a year, our annual Gala in November, The Meetings Industry Summit with PCMA in September and host quarterly Strictly Social Networking events.

How do I find information about the events and/or register?

Simply go to MPIWSC's Event Calendar, you will see a calendar of our upcoming programs, select the "more details" under the event you are interested in. This will then take you automatically to the full events page and can register on this page for the event.

Tell me more about the Educational Programs?
The MPIWSC educational team focuses our monthly educational programs on a variety of topics from hospitality law, contract negotiation, networking, motivation, etc. The programs range in different learning formats from speakers, panel discussion and/or round tables discussions. The monthly educational programs are held in the Puget Sound area and will either be a breakfast meeting or lunch meeting, depending on the venue.

What is The Meetings Industry Summit?
The Meetings Industry Summit is an annual meeting that MPIWSC partners with the Pacific Northwest Chapter of PCMA to host (usually held in September). The Meetings Industry Summit is a half day educational program that emphasizes the state of the hospitality industry and provides great education for all those employed in the hospitality industry.

What are Strictly Social Networking Events?
Strictly Social Networking Events are exactly what the name says, they are networking only events. MPIWSC created these events as a way for individuals in the industry to come together after work in a social environment to network with their fellow industry colleagues. They are hosted by great venues around the Puget Sound area and allow you to meet a variety of members and other industry colleagues in a relaxed casual atmosphere.

Attend an Educational Conference
Cascadia Educational Conference (CEC)

The Cascadia Educational Conference (CEC) is an annual conference that is jointly hosted by MPIWSC and the MPI Oregon Chapter. CEC is held in either WA or OR and happens in early March each year. CEC is a 2 1/2 days conference which has amazing keynote speakers, break out educational sessions, hosted buyer program and a tradeshow.

World Education Congress (WEC)

The World Education Congress (WEC) is hosted by MPI International annually in North America usually in mid to late July. WEC is conference that serves as a forum where ideas, marketplace, members and industry colleagues all intersect to explore concepts and perspectives from around the world.

Get Exposure
Are you a member looking to showcase your venue, product, talent or expertise?
MPIWSC offers many different options for your company to gain exposure in front of our membership and industry colleagues. From becoming a cash sponsor to providing in-kind sponsorships such as hosting an event at your venue or providing your AV, floral or décor for an event to advertising in the exclusive Meeting Resource Guide, the quarterly newsletter, on our website or e-mail communications, we have something for you!

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